Life Lately: Autumn 2019

Hello hello hello!

Today’s post is coming to you from the world’s coldest flat (my living room is basically the same temperature outside, the joys of living in an old building!) but I wanted to check in on here in the form of a good old fashioned Instagram update. I used to do these ALL the time and you know what, I think it’s time to bring ’em back.

So without any further ado, here’s a little visual on what life has looked like lately.

Collage of Instagram lifestyle posts


L – R

  1. Throwing it back to last year’s abso-flipping-lutely beautiful Autumn colours in Kendal. I love it when the trees turn orange/red/yellow/gold, but this year they seem to have taken a little extra time? I’m gonna head out for a little autumn walk tomorrow and see if I can hunt any down.
  2. Last weekend, I headed to Lancaster with a friend for a morning of brunch and shopping. We’d been wanting to try out Journey Social in Lancaster for a while, having heard great things and seen plenty of food-envy inducing posts on Instagram. Safe to say, it did not disappoint! We both went for apple & blackberry crumble french toast and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since.
  3. A very rare dressed up look for an equally rare night out. I always used to be so afraid of red lipstick, but for the past year or so I’ve been getting braver and now I LOVE it.
  4. Autumn walks with Rupert, my sister’s Cocker Spaniel. He’s 10 months old and a little bundle of adorable energy. I cannot get enough of him and I honestly think he gets cuter every time I see him!
  5. Another throw back, this time to coffee in the last of the summer sun. The Lake District has massively upped its game when it comes to good coffee/cafes over the last few years – this was at More? Bakery in Staveley.
  6. Looking up at stunning blue skies in Kendal, something that now seems like a bit of a distant memory!
  7. Brunch at another mega cafe which is a firm favourite since it opened this summer. If you’re in Kendal, I highly recommend seeking out Method Cafe (I’ll be popping a full review on this ace place very soon).
  8. Kendal is filled with cute little yards, and this is one of my favourites. It’s just so charming and picturesque.
  9. Coffee and cake at Chesters by the River, near Ambleside in the Lake District. It’s mostly (if not completely) vegan and has always been one of my go to cafes in the Lakes.


Plus, I couldn’t resist sharing this bonus photo of Rupert – it would have been photo #10 but wouldn’t fit in my 3 x 3 collage. But how could I not share this?

Side note: Dog photos are ALWAYS welcome in my Insta DMs.

Cocker spaniel in the Lake District

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