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Graduation in York

Last week, my sister graduated university (with a 2:1, which is amazing – I couldn’t have been prouder). I loved my graduation but it’s a stressful day in quite a few ways, so it was so much fun to relax and enjoy someone elses. Me, my mum, my dad and my granny all traveled up to York to celebrate. The ceremony was held in the stunning York Minster, a truly beautiful building and I can’t think of a better setting. As you’re basically sitting and clapping for over 100 people, waiting for the one you came to see walk onto the stage, whilst an amazing day graduations can be a bit dull (let’s be honest), but there were some really interesting speakers and the ceremony flew by…before we knew it, it was time to head outside for that obligatory hat-throwing photograph, before heading to Jamie’s Italian for lunch. York is the cutest city, all cobbled streets and pretty shops – I highly recommend a visit, and a wander around in the evening for drinks!

York Minster graduation ceremony York Minster graduation ceremony Catching the hat at graduation in York Lunch at Jamie's Italian after graduation in York Street of York during graduation

We had the best time celebrating and I can’t quite believe that both my sister and I are graduates and have to face the real world (I’m firmly in denial). It goes by in a blur but graduation is one of the best days, with so much to celebrate, as managing to make it through three, four or however many years of uni is definitely an achievement to be proud of.


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