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I don’t know about you but I am a total and utter Instagram addict. It’s by far my favourite social media platform, and I could spend hours stalking browsing, finding new people to follow and catching up on those I already do. I love the visual aspect, everyone creates such beautiful images and I enjoy trying to do the same, it’s such a brilliant way to share whatever passion you might have and I always find so much inspiration on there as well! I follow quite a few different kinds of accounts, and so thought I’d do a little round up of some of my favourite Instagrams and share the love! First up, probably my favourite kind, travel accounts! I get so lost in all the photos of different places, I always get the strongest desire to get out a see the world a bit more when I see these accounts and their beautiful feeds brimming with wanderlust inducing food, views and destination inspiration.

Travel instagrams to follow the hostel girl

Her photos are stunning and as her handle might suggest, this account is all about that hostel life! Katie’s Instagram (and blog) provides so much inspiration and whilst she visits some totally lust worthy destinations, she does it in a way which is accessible. Escapism on a more realistic budget, celebrating the brilliance of hostels, and being a hostel fan myself this is definitely one of my favourite accounts to catch up on on a regular basis.

Travel instagrams to follow the blog abroad Glographics

Gloria has a brilliant blog which I love reading, and a witty writing style which translates itself into her Instagram captions perfectly. Her photos are gorgeous, with beautiful landscapes and images of all her travel experiences along the way. I love how bright her photos are, and her feed is just so fun – be warned: you will want to hop on a plane immediately.

Travel instagrams to follow world of wanderlust Worldwanderlust

Always visiting somewhere new, beautiful and exciting, Brooke’s feed is full of lust-worthy destination snaps and bright, colourful photos. She seems like the kind of person you’d want as a travel buddy, she’s been to some amazing places and shares it all on her Instagram in a way which makes you want to be right there with her.
What are your favourite wanderlust inducing Instagrams?


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