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Making a Change: Blog Refresh

blog design change

Over the past few weeks I've been feeling a little out of touch with my blog design, and increasingly sensed that an update was seriously needed. I've been using Blogger for years, and have had the same design for years, but over the last week I decided that it was time to make the leap: my own domain, and a switch from Blogger to Wordpress. Migrating my blog has been a bit of a muddle so far, my images aren't showing and I have no clue what I'm doing to be quite honest with you. I think it will take a while to get everything looking the way I want it to, and working properly, but I'm excited about the end result. Whilst that is in process, unfortunately it looks like a bit of a mess around here but I'm hoping that within a week everything will be beautifully organised and a total blog refresh will have occurred. Either that, or I will have thrown my laptop at the wall in frustration (let's hope it's the first).

The blonde moment blog photo